This year we introduced fishing reports to help us keep track of all fish caught and released. Nearly 50% of you took the time to fill them out an we thank you for that. Let's aim for 100% in 2019!

The fish tallied are as follows,

  • Walleye, 7,384 caught, 6,263 released

  • Northern Pike, 183 caught, 141 released

  • Lake Trout, 15 caught, 12 released

To our surprise,

  • Bass, 14 caught, 12 released

  • Perch, 107 caught, 106 released

  • Catfish, 5 caught, 5 released

  • Ling, 14 caught, 12 released

Each year we are required to submit the numbers to the ministry. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. As is obvious, walleye are our main fishery. We are quite surprise by the increase in bass and perch numbers.

Please note that these numbers reflect only those recorded. Actual numbers are definitely higher.


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